A few obvious question you might ask is “How do I start my AWS career”, If you don’t already have some experience than you need to get AWS Certified. Luckily AWS can be taught with minimal I.T experience and the most important thing to have is a love for the subject.

Someone once told me that if you like doing something than you should pursue that as a full time job. In Ireland we spend over 40 hours per week working so you need to find a career that interests you. If you like gardening than you should consider an landscaping, I love golf but unfortunately I would never be good enough to make money from it. I also love I.T and teaching so that is why I currently teach AWS.
I cannot help you if you want to become a gardener but if you like how to find out how I.T works and you are curious what happens (behind the scenes) when you type “Google” than an I.T career might just be for you.
If you are into cloud computing and want a career in it than I would suggest AWS over the Azure and Google Cloud. This is because AWS currently occupies half of the public cloud services market. Because of this AWS certified employees are in currently in high demand. Especially in a Technology Hub such as Dublin.

If you don’t have much experience than you need to study more than an experienced engineer, but remember that everyone in I.T from Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg started off with no I.T experience at some point in their lives. The common component is a love for the topic and if you genuinely like doing something than you will naturally want to study it and spend more and more time on it.