Some reasons to choose Amazon Web Services

AWS is currently the lead force in cloud computing services (ahead of Azure and Google cloud) with over 50% of the market share. I have included below some reasons why you should use AWS for you cloud requirements.

Ease of use:

Aws is very easy to use. Anyone can setup an account on AWS and start using their services on the AWS management console. You don’t need to be a programmer in order to use their service as the mgmt. console is mostly Gui based (Graphic User Interface)

Run a webserver in minutes:

You can create, install and maintain a webserver (EC2 instance) within minutes of connecting to AWS, historically it could take weeks to order a physical webserver and have it shipped to your company. With AWS this can be all installed on the Cloud within hours.

AWS Skills demand:

In Ireland it is difficult to find staff with cloud computing skills. Most companies who are looking for cloud computing jobs state they require skills related to AWS. One report states that there are 8 times more job postings on recruitment sites than there are job seekers. If you are a cloud computing specialist than you will have no problem in finding employment.

Free Tier Pricing:

Anyone who wants to get some experience with AWS can create a free Tier AWS Account. This free tier account can give free services for up to a year. These Free Tier Services include EC2, S3, load-balancing and RDS. This gives a user enough time to learn the vast amount of services that AWS can offer.